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Eyelash Extension

Natural Look Lash
(Classic or Hybrid)

This set is an application method that provides fabulous fullness and gorgeous texture while strategically combining our classic/ volume lash applications across your lash line. 
They’re the perfect choice for anyone who want  classic or hybrid lashes.
(We recommend this set)

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YY Look Lash


This is the new look lashes everyone talking about. The YY lash helps bridge the gap between classics and hybrid.  Applied in the same way as classics, yet create a fuller, softer and fluffier effect for your lashes.

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Light volume look is for someone who doesn’t want their lashes looking too fake, but at the same time still want them to be noticeable. 
Light Volume lash extensions is now a growingly popular lash extension style because it gives just enough drama, without looking too much.

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Volume Lashing is a technique used to achieve a fuller, fluffier look. With this method, anywhere between 6-10 super fine extensions are fanned out and applied to a single natural lash. This is the perfect solution if you have sparse lashes or gaps. Volume lashes are still safe for your natural lashes.

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A lash lift is an all-natural, semi-permanent procedure that gives you the appearance of fuller, thicker eyelashes without the use of any extensions. The natural lashes are boosted from the root, giving them a lifted, lengthened appearance.
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Lash extension aftercare

  • Avoid hot steamy showers for 24 hours.

  • No picking or pulling on lashes.

  • No mascara.

  • No eyelash curler

  • Avoid heavy makeup.

  • Don't use oil-based products

  • Brush 2x daily with a clean lash wand.

  • Wash daily with a lash cleanser.

Washing daily is, by far, the most important eyelash extension aftercare instruction.

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